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Larry Aiuppy

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From time to time, as I read through the rich literature of our sport (steelhead fly fishing) I come across a phrase, a paragraph, or a passage that resonants deeply with me, as it succinctly echoes or clarifies my own thoughts and feelings about the ethical (and obsessive) pursuit of our noble prey.

Here are a couple quotes that perfectly reflect that:

"In my opinion, the pursuit of steelhead with fly tackle should be imbued with artistry, both in the tactics we choose and the flies we employ. A steelhead is too fine a gamefish to be insulted with ugly flies; a simple classic steelhead fly - say a Brindle Bug or a Skunk - even when dressed by a novice tier is nonetheless an object of beauty worthy of the steelhead's majesty, for it is a fly with a pedigree, with a history deriving from the great anglers, rivers, and feats of our pursuit."

"The steelhead of the Northwest, as they grow increasingly rare, deserve our most sincere efforts to maintain the artistry and culture of our chosen method of angling for them."

both - Page 190, Classic Steelhead Flies, John Shewey, 2015


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