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Larry Knudsen

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I cannot find any Barge cement in the yellow can. Looks like the EPA made them change the formula and the new stuff is crap.
I bought a pair of rubber mid soles and plan to glue the new felts to them.  I will then attach aluminum bars  using pop rivets thru the mid sole and felt. The bars will be drilled and counter sunk so rivets are flush an both ends. Then they will be glued to the boot.
I have made up some c clamps and steel bars to press the soles to the boots.
My 4'' grinder with 60 grit s/p and a steel wire brush was used to buff off the old felt.
I'll rough up the sole and boot with the wire brush and wipe with acetone  before gluing.

My question is what glue will work best?
Lud Martinson

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WAG...at best
  maybe 5200?
  My experience as an adhesive with a certain amount of flex in boat work is the best.  Not so sure about boots.
Larry Knudsen

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Problem solved.
Took em to a shoe repair shop to glue soles to the boots.
5200 would probably work but takes a long time to cure.
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