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Bevin Baker

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Larry Knudsen

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Per my usual OP I open the box and throw out the directions.
Can you change my my user name from Lawrence to Larry please. I don't want to appear too stuffy or formal.[smile]
Mark E. Brown

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Let me join the seemingly long list of people that signed up using something other than my name before reading anything.  Thanks for changing my initials to my name.  Looking forward to exchanging information, knowledge, and humor.

Mark Brown
Rick LaRiviere

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To quote an appropriate song... "I'm in a hurry to get things done I rush and rush until life's no fun, all I have to do is live and die, but I'm in a hurry and don't know why".  That's my story for the botched registration.  Guess I'm in good company.  Sorry Poppy.

Dave Green

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Originally Posted by Poppy Cummins
Here's the deal with using our real names. The way I envision this whole deal is that it is no different then if we all were sitting in my living room or sitting around in the pasture (which many of you have) and talking about this stuff. We don't use "user" names there so why should we use them here.

We are all supposed to be friends or at least acquaintances that share a common love for silvery bright fish that go to sea and comeback to start another generation, classic winches and flies, great angling literature, and a beautiful style of casting done in many beautiful places around the world. Lets treat each other like friends and use our real names just as we would with friends.

But....but....many of my friends DO call me Greener/Grinner/grinr since longggg before the internet was invented...and my best friends often call me things far less flattering,lol. [biggrin]
Wayne Loren

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I personally think that usage of your real name is a great idea. On so many other forums some members seem to use their "handle" as a cover up. At least on this forum if a person does not lie about their name the person that has submitted a post is some what accountable for their statements. I agree totally with the rules of this forum. Some other forums should take a second look at their rules. Thanks Poppy. 
Douglas Anderson

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I agree with Poppy, as usual. If you can post an opinion, you should be man or woman  enough to be identified. Poppy has mentioned the congenial setting where we are discussing tackle or casting style as friends. On other sites (using user names), the discussion can get down right nasty with the moderator having to close it off. I doubt this would happen as much if real names were used.

Poppy had good foresight from the get go when he started this internet site.

Doug Anderson
Gene Larson

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Doug Green, if you really feel more people would know you by your nickname, can you post your name as Doug 'Greener' Green?
cris caldwell

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so my full real name is Cris C. Caldwell that is how it appears on my birth certificate and I'm just curious poppy is that your real name? or are there exceptions?
Poppy Cummins

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Going over this subject again.

The idea with using real names is because in the past on some of the previous forums I've been involved with there were many anonymous posters talking trash and giving people grief they didn't deserve. In some instances there also some anonymous posters posting useful info but no one knew who they were. Also in some cases there were people involved in the tackle business basically spamming the forum members. My idea was to avoid those issues by my knowing who was posting. This is a hard and fast rule with very few exceptions, only if I knew who the poster really was.

As to my using Poppy, it is not my given name. That being said Poppy is the name given me by my Grandson and the guides that patronized my shop from the start and it is the name that most everyone in the two hand game knows me by which satisfies my using your real name rule. 

Poppy=Red Shed Spey Rod Pimp http://www.redshedflyshop.com FRSCA-Founding Member How you get the line out and fishing is personal preference so as long as it works and is easy no one should care but the caster. MSB
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