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Brian Colin

Junior Member
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Having been a junior member for a good few weeks now I am very surprised at the low level of activity over the past year or more, despite a splurge of early interest it appears that very few fishermen want to share their experiences, ideas or even dreams.  Is there a good reason for this or is it that there is stronger competition out there or is it that members have simply lost interest in their fishing?   

Poppy was extremely kind to start up this site and has posted some pretty sensible rules to be observed.   Doubtless it also costs him a lot to finance and maintain and oversea; especially as he does not use advertising sponsors.   Nor does he use it as an advertising platform for his other interests, though when asked gives the highest level of non-partisan advice based on his experience.

So if you feel that there is an underlying problem or have something of common interest to say please come and post far more frequently.
dave serafin

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Thank you for your post and I agree. I am one of those people that you are calling out. Having just returned home from my river here in Livingston, MT, I find myself checking my usual sites as I warm by the wood stove. Poppy's site is one of those.

I swing for trout on the Yellowstone river year round. I fish with my own rods, and my own tapers that I make from Bamboo  It's been an incredible experience so far.
My few trips a year to Steelhead country are usually not worth posting about,  although they are some of my favorites.  I will try to add to the conversation in the future though.
Thanks Brian and Poppy.
Dave Serafin
Poppy Cummins

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There are many people using spey casting methods that aren't fishing for steelhead. The trout spey deal has gone sort of crazy recently for one thing.

Many trout fishers as well as fishers of other species use a roll cast, which is the most basic spey cast of all.

I agree, for a site having more then 1,000 members it's pretty dead around here.

Poppy=Red Shed Spey Rod Pimp http://www.redshedflyshop.com FRSCA-Founding Member How you get the line out and fishing is personal preference so as long as it works and is easy no one should care but the caster. MSB
Jan Sorensen

Junior Member
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I Would like to contribute but I am as green at gets. I am here to learn. So far I have made one trip to Kitamat for Pinks and I should have been wearing a flak jacket. I did manage to catch a few fish but I’m sure it was more accidental than by design. Also living in Central Alberta there are only limited opportunities to Spey fish for trout. Come spring I plan on trying to catch some Walley and Pike using Spey gear.
Robert Price

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IMO, this is an excellent topic to bring up.  My experience with other forums related to motorcycles, woodcutting, tractors, spey casting and other "hobbies" has been that internet trolls tend to be very active on many of these sites.  These are folks who purposely provoke readers into emotional responses, and/or just disrupt normal discourse in a forum.  Often trolls "gang up" on unsuspecting posters who become their targets.  Bottom line is that it's often discouraging to participants who are just trying to get information about their hobbies or to share information with those with the same interests.  

There are many that don't want to share information with others, especially about specific destinations.  These folks tend to criticize those who do share.

It can be discouraging to those new to an activity to try to post on a forum only to get "blasted".  Many of these potential posters just quit participating.  So, those that do want to help, for example, new spey casters, may hesitate to respond to requests for "help" for fear of reprisal.  

With that being said, it's always good to read and re read the "rules" of a forum, to mitigate missteps when posting.  I just re-reviewed the rules for this forum today for example!

This forum has sensible, to the point rules.  I especially like the rules that all members must use their full names, and that disrespectful posts will not be tolerated!

I too check the forums related to two handers and I often hesitate to post as I became "gun shy"after negative experiences on other forums.

Brian's post has inspired me to try to be more active on this forum.

With that being said I'm about ready to head out into a snowstorm to fish for steelhead just out "my back door" in Salmon, ID.  The run is down, and the fish are late, and right now the weather sucks, but I try to get out there about every day, at least for an hour or two.

Also, if anyone needs information about fishing this area, never hesitate to contact me. I'm retired and fish about every day when the fish are around.  

I too appreciate Poppy's efforts with this forum and will try to participate more.
Graham Hill

Posts: 78
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I appreciate Brian Colin's comments.  This is a very enjoyable forum, but not that busy.  After I read Brian's post, I thought about how I use this forum myself.  I tend to think of it as a Big Idea forum rather than one that deals with small stuff.  Yet small stuff is pretty well all I deal with on a daily basis. So I am resolved to take advantage of all of the knowledge available here and the kind anglers that are so willing to share it. 

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I appreciate Robert's comments.  My home state has a fishing forum and I rarely participate as now it is more about taking one side and blasting the other, and also because I am not interested in blasting someone for their views on political issues.  There is a lot of knowledge on this forum on two-handed rods and fishing.  Glad to see it picking up a bit.  And for those who haven't tried two-handed rods on trout, give it a chance!  I do not use my two-hand trout rod all of the time, but it is a blast whenever I do.  I just love casting two-handed rods.
Russ Ellis

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I've seen a general decline across many firearm and fishing message boards.  Some of this is because different forums are being sold to management companies that use the forum as a giant billboard.  Some of this is a general shift in mindset as people learn what they need or want to know then move along.

Thankfully this forum has stayed rather clean and free of advertisements.

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Yup, I like community-supported much more than sites being run for profit.

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