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Poppy Cummins

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We have these great print copies in stock and they are very nicely done.

Poppy=Red Shed Spey Rod Pimp http://www.redshedflyshop.com FRSCA-Founding Member How you get the line out and fishing is personal preference so as long as it works and is easy no one should care but the caster. MSB
Matthew LeBret

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I agree poppy
I got home from a long day at work and opened up this site. Sure enough I came across this thread, so I jumped up and ran to the mailbox.

So happy they went to print! All around great read and nice addition to the book case

It't time to stop talking and start fishing......
John Rogers

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I have not gotten my copy yet.  Have the rest of you who signed up got yours by now?
Fritz Fiedler

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I got mine last week, it's sweet!
Beatle Abshagen

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My son and I have NOT received our copy's yet?---They must be coming in "waves" ?---Hoping to get mine this week to read the Haida Gwaii article, as were leaving for a week of Steelhead fishing there March 4th.

Durango, Colorado
Dave E. Hall

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Hang in there if you didn't get your STF mag I thought the same give it a little time. When you get your copy good luck putting it down! [smile]
Two handed fly fishing is deceptively simple, and endlessly complicated!
Zack Williams

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Hi Guys,

I am just in the door from a very long week of guiding. Just wanted to throw up a quick note here, will be responding to those of you that emailed me in the coming day or two at most. 

I am still figuring out the mailing process and am honestly not sure at the moment why USPS is taking so much longer to get some of you your magazines than others. I can tell you that they are still showing up all over the place and I promise that I will get you one if yours does not show up in the near future.

Thanks all for your tremendous support in getting Swing the Fly up and running.


Swing the Fly Magazine
Topher Browne

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Awesome magazine! Can't wait for the next issue! tb
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