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Bruce Kruk

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Jim, I still feel that I shouldn't be able to, but every once and a while I get a good one out and the hard work is worth it.
I think good casting is good casting and no matter what style you choose to fish and cast learning proper will take you a long ways and if you are just learning all the better to start on the right foot......or hand as in this case.
I am with Zack and have had lots of beginning spey casters in my guiding and can have them doing serviceable casts with both hands within a couple hours for both sides of the river and wind conditions.
Mongo on the other hand has way too many bad habits from many styles to ever be helped[rolleyes][tongue][thumb]

Bruce Kruk
Team Gaelforce
Speyed trout guide on the upper Columbia
Damien O'Brien

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I would suggest that you concentrate on casting with your left up with the accelerated jump roll (switch cast). Start a session with the overhead cast in order to perfect the stop with your left hand up. Repetitive casting of the switch cast with left hand up will help muscle memory, just be careful not to throw your shoulder, use your upper hand as a guide with your lower hand pulling to a sudden stop. Start with a short line, say 70ft including leader. All you need to add is a change of direction for the single spey. It won't come easy but then again anything worthwhile requires some work but it is worth it. Once you can cast with both hands you really can fish anywhere no matter what the wind direction.
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