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Leo DeBruin

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For those that haven't heard Skeena River is closed for all salmon fishing until further notice, Nass has been shut down for Chinooks - All rivers Region 1-6 have all been shut down for Chinooks. Should make for an interesting summer here. I am hopeful that the Tyee fish counts(Skeena) will be better than anticipated so we get something.  Steelhead do not come under the jurisdiction of DFO so should be able to fish for them and hopefully it will be better than last year.  Further info on Salmon can be found on the DFO website   DFO - Pacific -fishery notices
Graham Hill

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We should be grateful BC steelhead are NOT under the jurisdiction of the DFO.  For decades Pacific salmon here in BC have been terribly mismanaged. We used to joke that the DFO would be happiest managing one fish.  Not so funny any more.  I could fill pages with the stories of mismanaged species...sablefish, halibut, rockfish, clams, abalone, sea cucumbers, spot prawns...heartbreaking, all of them.

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No surprise; the fish return on all the BC/Washington/and many of the Oregon river's is in the tank.



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