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Eric Northway

Senior Member
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Hi All:

If you've not yet had a chance to read it, John Shewey's, "Classic Steelhead Flies", is a must, especially if you are a history buff. The historical research alone is worth the price of the book. The photography is beautiful. It is also a very thoughtful, and tasteful, recognition of the tiers who helped develop the sport. Kudos to John for his scholarship!

Loren Irving

Junior Member
Posts: 15
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Well you are sure right about this book.  I have it on the breakfast table and each morning read about a fly or two.  As a photographer myself I also have to say way good work on those shots!  Color looks right and they just jump off the page.  I have been fishing skunks since the early 70's and just now learned about using both colors on the wing......  I don't think I have ever seen one before so will tie some up just out of respect.  My wife even liked the book so man it is a Winner!

Larry Aiuppy

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I concur. The historical research is deep, thorough, and stringent, with riqorous methodology (original sources, seminal interviews, detailed attribution, etc.). Fascinating and highly informative reading. The ties are impeccable. The photos are of the highest professional standards. Best Shewey book yet, for my taste. An absolute must for those interested in the true history and traditions of Northwest steelheading.


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