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Craig Lannigan

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Saracione Mark V 4" Multiplier is a work of art, simple and yet elegant.
Different league altogether

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Malcolm Davidson

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Man, I have to get a part time job, those Saracione reels are calling me. Someday when the kids are grown daddy is gonna treat himself
Jim Arthur

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I've got a Loop Classic that has been doing an outstanding job as a paperweight for years now.


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Michael Smith

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I am considering ordering a Saracione MkV and am looking for some guidance on sizes. 
I have a Hardy Marksman 13-8 and an Echo Glass 1297 and mostly use Airflo Rage lines at 540 gr for the Hardy and 480 for the Echo. I also have a 550 and 480 Scandi for these as well.
This reel will service both rods and was wondering if the 3 3/4" at 11.5 oz or the 4" at 12 oz will be a better overall fit.
I live in the GL region and fish primarily for Steelhead but also once or twice for Kings and occasionally travel for Atlantic Salmon.

Any opinions?



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