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Leo DeBruin

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I have lost the ceramic insert out of a stripping guide on my Switch rod. I am planning to replace and rewrap the guide but I am wondering if I could use CA glue(medium thick)instead of mixing a batch of rod epoxy for one stripper guide??  I am a woodturner and sometimes I use CA glue as a finish on small items such as pens, pendants etc. It gives a nice clear finish and you can build it up to whatever thickness you want.

I will probably do a test in the next week or so but in the mean time any thoughts on this would be welcomed!
AJ Morris

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The first thing that came to my mind was flexibility. Is the stuff going to flex with the rod the same way epoxy does? I ask because in my limited experience, CA glues strike me as fairly brittle. The other question is, how easily can you remove it if you need to replace the guide again at some point in the future?

For what it's worth, I use graduated syringes for mixing epoxy, and small batches for repairs are dead easy with no waste. Any place that carries medical or scientific supplies will have them. Undoubtedly you can find 'em online as well...

"...the more I see the less I know..."
Douglas Anderson

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I am a woodturner as well. A good flexible glue that I have used with success is GOOP. This product can be bought in any Home Depot or Lowe's store. I always carry a tube in case of emergency repairs are needed for my gear.

Contacting a rod manufacturer for his advice is probably the best solution for the long term picture.

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