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Wayne Dreger

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I started my fishing using right hand wind, single action reels. There were not many "coffee grinders" spinning reels around. Casting reels were single action "center pin" or the odd bait caster. Spinning reels were for the most part left hand wind.

So I learned to use either hand depending on what I was using. When fly casting became my sport of choice and Hardy was my choice of reels, right handed was the way to go.

I can still reel with either hand and find that most helpful when playing around with lined reels in the house and have to wind line on a reel I striped for whatever purpose.

I don't care what hand you wind with, just don't turn a fly reel upside down to wind backwards with the hand of your choice. Fly reels and single action(center pin) reels belong below the rod.
Craig Pablo

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I'm rather fortunate in that with most things I am ambidextrous, reeling being one of them.  While I believe there is an advantage for most right handed people to reel with their dominant hand, I truly believe there is also disadvantage (however slight) to switching hands with a fish on.  My two cents anyway....
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