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Leo DeBruin

Junior Member
Posts: 17
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Any one out there cast/fished these rods? Supposed to be good rods but I have only ever seen one but it was a guide that was using it.
Jan Sorensen

Junior Member
Posts: 19
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A friend owns one and I got to give it a go. Nicely built and it did cast ok. I found it to be on the faster side compared to my Deer creek. I’m not a great caster so the slower rods work better for me
Nathan Carter

Junior Member
Posts: 12
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I had a chance to cast the Pieroway Renegade designed by Jerry French. It was a sweet rod that was on the shorter side. I don't recall the action as I was casting many rods that day, but recall that it was a nice rod that was easy to cast. Hope that helps.

Dave Luscombe

Junior Member
Posts: 6
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I own two Pieroways, an older 12' 7wt and the 510 metal detector, build quality is super on both. I find the metal detector hard to get into the groove with for the first 5 or 10 minutes every time I fish it as I prefer a faster/stiffer rod. I find I just have to slow it down and back off the bottom hand a bit and it works fine but as a consequence I don't bring it out to play with often. I love the older rod with an old 410 steel head scandi and fish it quite a bit as the two seem to be a perfect match.
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