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AJ Morris

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It seems odd in retrospect, but McManus's stories about growing up in north Idaho were one of the primary reasons I chose the U of I more than two decades ago. As a youngster in Alaska, those tales resonated deeply and made an impression that lasts to this day.

I'm kinda bummed, so I think I'll blow the dust off the McManus collection and settle down for a few days of chuckles. I will certainly be thinking of him when the time comes to strap on the backpack and hit the high country this summer.

"...the more I see the less I know..."
Poppy Cummins

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Yes Mr. McManus' passing was very sad news for me. I found his writing to be very entertaining and I enjoyed many hours of reading his books.
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Paul Metcalf

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Vortexing. A routine for me these days.
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