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Recently moved from West Michigan to Northern California...

I have a multitude of fast sinking stuff that was suited to fishing my old rivers, mostly from a boat. Most of which is overkill for the rivers here at least at current flows as well as the fact I have sorta fell in love with fishing a floating line and leader...

I bought a floating SA UST Short Scandi head and have been fishing that, but a lot of the water I have found, I have plenty of room to cast a longer line and that appeals to me very much if for nothing more than the fact I can spend more time fishing and less time stripping...

The last time I fished a longer line, it was mostly just for fun and was a CND GPS, have fished those lines on rods ranging from 13' to 15' and they were great lines, obviously they are no longer sold...

Gaelforce lines have really caught my eye, but I am curious if the 54' 8/9 is too heavy for my rod?

Anyone tried that line on that rod?

I know I can get a loaner from the shop, but if it's a pipe dream, don't want to waste their time and resources...

Poppy Cummins

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The Gaelforce 54'-8/9 weighs 523grns and is a great match for the rod in question. With Gaelforce lines one should just look at the grain number and not the noted line weight.
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