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KC Biehn

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Poppys is right on, I moved from Michigan where you have to use heavy sink tips and the bottom is always changing so you lose a ton of flies.

West coast is a tad different depending on the water and you lose less flies.

What the hell I drop a ton in the water by mistake anyway.

It's all good!

Brady Burmeister

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It's all about the river. On one particular river that I've fished the most this fall/winter, I believe I've lost one fly to it. On the river I live closest to, that I've fished more than any other in my life, I still lose flies now and again due to the nature of the sharp shale ledges. On a recent trip to Michigan, two of us lost probably 5 flies each in a day because the guide put us on a lot of sunken timber. We were using his flies, he didn't mind, so we didn't mind. 
Pierre Noel

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Since I have been tying my own , I don't mind losing flies. I'll break them off as I can replace them. One day I lost a hundred , I dropped a box. Lol no big deal!
Bill Guditus

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By the Box is usually my best technique for fly loss. I; once in a while, watch them just float away and then my altsheimers sets in and I make another cast.

Happy New Year to All

Barny Wong

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To me 'they lose lots of flies' could read the added risk knowing there could be big pay off from it.

The Sandy river here is low so I am working faster water when I normally don't. I start the run with 2-4-6 3D sink, 1-2-4 3D sink for mid section, and F-1-3 for tail out.

Today, I only lost my flies when there was an unexpected obstruction, got distracted from untangling running line, or when I casted one more time against my intuition telling me it is time to change up the sink rates.

Yes, there is a smart way of losing flies. But then, there is also the blind obedience of losing flies confused as the smart way.

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Richard Harrington

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I find the likelihood of loosing a fly is directly proportional to the number of jungle cock feathers used in the tying of said fly.
Darryl Rigets

Posts: 78
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Funny how the point of the original post is lost somewhere in the replies [wink]
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