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Hi all I've just inherited a Scottie 14' rod into my collection.
I was wondering if anyone would know a rough valuation for this rod so I can get it put on my insurance
Poppy Cummins

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I've had 5 of the spliced 13 footers, but this all about 8 or so years ago and if memory serves me I think $300.00usd was the most i paid for any one them.

They are great rods although on the heavier side for someone wanting to try their hand at cane two hander ownership

Poppy=Red Shed Spey Rod Pimp http://www.redshedflyshop.com FRSCA-Founding Member How you get the line out and fishing is personal preference so as long as it works and is easy no one should care but the caster. MSB
Brian Colin

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I have owned several 14' splice jointed Scotties and they still are pretty constant in price.   You will most likely have to get one from the UK if you need one in a hurry.   In decent condition with a spare tip included they make from UK £ 200 upward to an odd mint version making perhaps UK£400.00   At the low price end there may be a need to replace the guides - they tend to rust.   You would then have to add-on the cost of shipping plus your own national and local taxes, duties etc as appropriate.

Whereas - as Poppy says - the 13' is a little on the heavy side (especially with less than a heavy reel) - the 14' really is heavy and I would not advise anyone who is not strong and fit to get one unless they are already very used to such rods.  The 15' - which I used to fish is heavier still, but the 16' I gave up on!!!  I last fished a 14' regularly back in about 1980/3.   They are very easy on the hook hold and you should land a better percentage of your hook-ups - you will also have most fish back in the water in shorter time than with graphite rods.

The ferrule version is worth perhaps 15-25% less.   Never buy a varnish finished rod...stick to the impregnated ones.  The brass ferrules would occasionally split and are no longer available.   The Butt caps on all of these rods are alloy and they too would split very easily.   But - all of that said - they are for me far better rods to fish than the bamboo offerings from Hardy.   the 12' and 13' are my favourites in the spliced rods.   Unfortunately age, imminent by-pass surgery and busted up tendons and shoulders mean that they are now just a memory...but a very precious one as they were my go-to rods for more than 25 years.
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