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Poppy Cummins

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A very timely article by Tyler Allen.


Steelhead season on the Clearwater is just barely started and already I'm seeing pics of fish on FB and and other places of beached fish being poorly treated by anglers that should and do know better.

Poppy=Red Shed Spey Rod Pimp http://www.redshedflyshop.com FRSCA-Founding Member How you get the line out and fishing is personal preference so as long as it works and is easy no one should care but the caster. MSB

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A timely reminder.

The treatment that makes me despair is when anglers don't carry an adequate net (ie: Large, soft mesh or, better the non tangle soft rubber mesh, with a sufficiently long handle that you can reach the fish without falling off the bank in an awkward spot) & drag the fish up onto exposed stones - not all pools have gentle pea gravels or soft grassy banks, then hold it by the tail whilst the fish thrashes & beats its head on a rock.

OK, it may swim off alright, but what about afterwards? How many keel over later due to internal damage / bleeding from impact injuries?

A decent net will enable you to control the fish whilst keeping it away from hard or sharp surfaces & you can unhook it safely in the water.

In terms of long term survival anything we can do as anglers to minimise risk should be considered, some times it isn't practical to carry a net - deep wading in very strong flows for instance, but you can always leave it on the bank in the lower half of a pool or run & work a hooked fish down or up to it. In terms of carrying a net I use a Whitlock net with a 24" round head which flips over against the handle & the handle itself is telescopic. It didn't have a carrying clip but I fitted one & now it just clips on the D ring on the back of the neck of my jacket & hangs out of the way leaving my hands free.

I believe the small inconvenience is worth the effort.

Regards, Jon.
Darryl Rigets

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If you think about it, why do we have to touch the fish at all?
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