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Brian Sasaki

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This link takes me to a yellow waist pack, and it says it's "In Stock".


The all black pack is not in stock. I believe the only difference is the color.


Might be worth a call to verify the info.
Lud Martinson

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I tried calling yesterday - late.  They have an east coast #.  Received a message this AM that the black version that is out of stock should be in by next Friday.
  Haven't had the opportunity to call back to discuss anything else.
Mike Papenfus

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I've got two waterproof bags:
1. Simms rolltop fanny pack.  Unfortunately - just 2 days ago it finally unglued itself from the waistband and now I've got to glue it back on or something...Luckily I was standing onshore when it came off so it didn't float away with all my flies, tips, and sandwich.  I was just at the Sandy clave and asked the SIMMS guys about repairing it.  They suggested sending it back in and they also showed me a new rolltop lumbar pack they have but it's too big IMHO.  I can't find it on their current website.  Maybe my memory is fuzzy and it wasn't actually a rolltop.  Worth checking out to see if they've got something new coming along similar to the old rolltop.

--open to suggestions anyone might have on repairing mine. 

2. Overboard rolltop backpack as shown on website.  It is well-designed, rugged, and keeps my extra clothes dry in the rain on my raft.  I haven't beat on it like the simms rolltop fanny pack over the years so I can't speak to its longevity, but there's not really much that could go wrong with it.  I haven't put it through a submerging test but I have no doubt it would keep things dry.  When I do carry that pack with the rolltop fannypack I usually just clip the fanny pack to the top of the backpack and walk like that rather than wear both at once.  I got my overboard pack at costco years ago for $35 - quite the steal in my opinion.  The only thing I don't like about it is that the side mesh pockets are too narrow for many water bottles - at least my version.
Rheinhart Nutto

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Ok guys, Ive tried most of these in the night mare they are. Poppy I have tried to figure out how to start a buisness for this. What a night mare trying to find materials and how to make these water proof bags. The best solution is the bag above a camera roll up bag inside a hip bag. 

Ok , yup it floats and you need to sew holes in the bottom the the hip bag to let out the water. Personally I think the new sling bags are the way to go. I wont fish with them on unless im moving from run to run. They afford you a couple things and if you have fished long enough on your feet on the go you will understand. First is being able to bring a rain coat , I dont know about you guys but I hate getting soaked down. The next is you can carry fly boxes and gear and the other essentials you need to fish for the day. They are behind you and you can cast with them on. I like to go to a run throw it on the ground and tuck my fly boxes into my waders I keep leader material with me and fish the run, go back and pick up my bag. 

look back when you cast and watch your d loop 
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