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Alexander Bohusch

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Can anyone tell me how the two rods compare? - Particularly for scandi / dry line fishing?

Thanks a lot,
Erik Schirmer

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I would suggest calling Burkheimer.  I did and was told the 7141 is more of a specialty rod and the 7139 was their answer to the demand for longer lines. The 7134 is "The Rod" in the 7wt Burkie line and suppose to be excellent for scandi. The 7139 was given a little more power in the tip to handle longer lines.  I have not cast the 7141 or the 7134 but I own the 7139 and can tell you it cast the Gealforce 54 8/9 like its made for it.  For that matter it has cast every thing I've put on it, maybe not optimally but they cast.  I don't have any scandi heads so no help there.  The 7139 is for me a very easy rod to cast, very forgiving and has lots of power.  I don't know why it wouldn't be great with scandis.  I hope this helps but I strongly suggest calling Burkheimer.  They can be a little hard to get a hold of but stick with it, it will be worth it.
One does not know what one does not know.
Paul Dudley

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I have a few of the burkies and i came to the 7139 more as an interested party then a rod i was actually needing LOL...Alex's comments are dead on and i'm going to have to try that Gaelforce line now..
The 7139 surprised me with how not only easy it was to cast and bomb if needed but for what i thought was more a "finesse" rod..it's got plenty of jam..
I have been using a Full Floating zone 465gr is my actually weight...it's the same line that i like the best on my 7125-3 burkie and 13'2 CND bv/gt north fork...that said it has a rod weight up in power to those two rods IMHO and i used it this winter on the Skagit no problem..
I have run 15' 95gr Rio type 6 tips (type 3 as well) 12' of T whatever (don't use T14, but that's me i just never use heavy tips for some reason, other rods if i wanted to do that i suppose)
Cast those set ups like a dream and quickly became one of my favorite rods...I have the 8142 burkie which is a great rod as well but like any new shiny thing the 7139 as i said became my go to this winter.... imagejpeg_2.jpg

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