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Many of us tend to think we need to wear camouflage type jackets to increase our odds of success.  All anglers I meet by the river merge well in their surroundings.

Me?  Not so much.  The reason is that my Columbia winter jacket wasn't bought with fishing in mind.  It has a bright orange front and a greyish/blue back and I still do not know any spey casts where I can keep my back turned on the river.[smile]

In the three winters I had this jacket on, I never noticed any issues fishing-wise.  Before this jacket I actually had a bright red one. Same thing, no problems getting into fish.

It must be either luck or fish see me as a big roe-sack and come closer.[smile]
Bright colors are a definite advantage in recovering bodies from the water or the woods...[rolleyes]...this gives me some comfort.[smile]

AJ Morris

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I would agree that the color of your clothing isn't a factor. Even when trout fishing, it's been my observation that fish are far more tuned in to movement and shadows than color.

There is an awful lot of anthropomorphism in fly fishing.

"...the more I see the less I know..."
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