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Bill Lenheim

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Here in Calif. LA, LA land, the use of BOBBERS is rampart. Trinity River the Klamath and Rogue Rivers are where you see them the most. I have been told it started with the guides so that beginners could catch a fish. Guides do the fishing as the dude only holds the rod and the guide yells, strike if they hit a rock, (which happens most of the time) or a steelhead takes the bead, glow bug or nymph. Hate it always have, but I have been forced to use it at times. Swinging is the best way to fish steelhead and the way we did it in the 60's and 70's, using shooting heads. It worked great. The pull is the drug.
Indicators are for trout, bobbers are what they are just bobbers, call them what you want, they are still just bobbers.
Greg Hooper

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I won't fish bobbers or strike indicators.  They're too damned hard gettin through the guides!
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